Twitch Badges & Emote Request Form
-this is not a revamp form-

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twitch Revamp *still* closed!

Due to limitations on pages in my website. I am unable to make a proper form for REVAMPS. They will be closed for the remainder of June till I find an alternative. I, (the Artist), would like to provide more accurate, clean, and straight forward information regarding larger projects. Please bare with me while I find another way to properly do that. Thank you for being awesome.

This form was updated 6/7/2019.


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Contact Info
Warning! Please Read!
Be sure to provide all the information needed to allow the project to run smoothly. If you do not provide a proper description to the items you are requesting. The request form will be denied and the commissioner will be asked to re-send a request form with the proper information. (i.e. Do not just checkmark "Affiliate Emotes" and then leave the Emote Description empty.)
Due to the recent demand for emotes and community feedback on the quality of emotes, I will be increasing the price for emotes from $15 per emote to $25 per emote. Making all emotes a higher quality across the board as appose to making different sets of quality versus cost. All emotes will receive the same amount of time and effort. With the turnout time being within the month of beginning the process, started when the down-payment is received. Making sure that the emote(s) are completed within that month. Anyone choosing the "New" Affiliate Bundle will need to provide proof that they are a new affiliate, as this package is for brand new twitch affiliates only.
Please number the emotes with each discretion. Be ready to provide any image examples.
All sizes needed for Twitch submission will be given. 72px, 36px, 18px.
Please either link an example image or be ready to reply with example images.
THIS IS NOT THE SUB BADGE SECTION! If you choose "Select Number" please state how many you want in your description.
If you have different 'items' for your badges, be sure to state what how many are that 'item.'
Keep in mind that your budget should keep within the Base Price of the commission you are looking for.
Rules & Conditions
Terms of Payment Agreement *
- Commissions will NOT be started until a Down-payment has been received unless discussed with the Artist to extend the payment's due date. -If the commissioner fails to pay within 3-days of the invoice being sent, the commission request form will be terminated and a new form must be sent in. - It is the commissioner's responsibility to keep track of their emails. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS! -Down-payments are HALF the commissions' TOTAL and can be calculated a rough estimate by using the prices on the website. - Quarter-payments options can be discussed with the Artist if the TOTAL price is above $200. - Do NOT send a Request Form if you have insufficient funds or do not have a PayPal! - Extensions of Down-payments can be NO LONGER than 5-days. Failing to pay within those 5-days will resault in termination of the request form and a new form must be sent in. - Sending a Request Form states to the Artist that you understand the Terms of Payment and have no questions.
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Terms of Contract Agreement *
Please read the Terms & Conditions before agreeing to this form. Agreeing to this form locks you into a contract with the Artist. ARTIST PERSONAL RULES - No Sexual Content. Commissions that request sexual intercourse or Fetish related in any way will not be accepted. - No Political or Hatemongering. Commissions that are ill-nature or political will be deemed unacceptable by the Artist and turned away. - Limited Nudity. Commissions are only allowed the waist up to be exposed regardless of gender. - Limited Gore. Commissions that are deemed too graphic by the Artist will not be accepted. - Commissioner must use Paypal or have a Debit/Credit Card for the Request to be accepted by the Artist. - Commissioner must understand that the commission is only completed AFTER the project is fully paid for, or the final product is held till the payment is received. Do you understand and agree to the Rules and Terms for requesting a commission from Keylligraphy Ink?