How long have you been drawing?

I have been drawing for about 15 years (give or take) learning mostly on my own through trial and error. Working through my style, learning how to spot those artistic bad habits and mistakes. Reading a lot of books (and I mean a lot). Slowly but surely developing my own style, and learning how to love my art reguardless of mistakes I make. Finding my intrest in art was ac child, and it was purely out of spite. My little brother was better at everything we did together, learning how to use the phone, ride a bike, stuff like that. Then one day i find out he "can't Draw" not saying i was good either but... I was like "HA!" and just kept at it. 

The reason why I say I am self taught a lot, durring streams and whenever I am asked really, is because through out most of my life I was told "I could not draw" or "You aren't an artist". Growing up hearing your teacher, who is suppose to support your interests and help you grow, say those things were very... annoying. I liked drawing, i loved it. I couldn't stop drawing and I frankly didn't. I stop relying on them to tell what to do. And started relying more on myself to teach myself how to draw and even later on digitally paint. 

What program do you use for artwork? 

The programs I use currently are Clip Studio Paint & Affinity Design. The reason why I use these two particular programs is for a few reason. One being that I can not afford Adobe's programs and Creative Cloud, I have also had personal ... negative experiences with both Photoshop and Illustrator (crashing and file saving issues). Clip Studio is what I use for digitally painting, it works like a mix blend of Photoshop, Manga Studio, and Paint Tool Sai. Without the subscription fees that come with Adobe. Affinity Design is a Vector program similar to what Illustration is, however it dose work differently than Adobe Illustrator in a lot of ways. Comparing the two, Adobe Illustrator a good program for making those same vector projects in large sizes, but there are times I feel the finished product is stale or appears almost static in feeling. While with Affinity it fits my personal style for colorful and round vectors graphics, there are things missing that I do miss from Illustrator bit it isn't enough to really change my mind and go back to Adobe's scrubscription. 

How did you learnto draw & color?

Well, I am self taught in a lot of ways because I just had really terrible art teachers growing up. It wasn't until college till I found a few very amazing art teachers but at that point I was already dedicated to my Graphic Design bachelors degree. How I learned on my own, was mostly through trial and error, studying many books that I bought with my own money or asked for birthdays. Learning the most about the Anime Style while middle school, and that just launched me further into finding my style. High school was interesting because, I feel like I grew the most during high school even though my teacher was hold me back a lot. High school was the year I started to really get my hands on digital art, having a Dell laptop, a Wacom Bambo tablet and a copy of Photoshop. I never realized how much I loved color until I started really working on Photoshop. Before then I just enjoyed using mechanical pencils, and Micron Ink pens to create my work. 

There are a lot of books I still own, though I did remove the ones that were from my first encounter with anime artwork. But I did save a google doc with all the books I own now free to view.